Akriotou Orivatis Pinot Noir

An exquisite Greek Pinot Noir wine with cool aromas of red fruit!


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Variety Composition: Pinot Noir 100%.

Region / Location / Vineyard: Aigialia is the viticulture zone in Peloponnese in which this all-round pinot noir is produced. The vineyard which is 9 years old (relatively young) is situated at an altitude of 640-700m. This keeps the plants cool and at slow ripening temperatures even in the hottest months.

Vinification Method: The vilification method involves destemming, although no crushing. The skin contact is done under controlled conditions, and alcoholic fermentation happens with gradual increasing temperatures to allow the alcohol to increase with the wine’s flavour compounds. The wine is also kept on its lees (‘Sur lies’) for four months with regular stirring, allowing for complexity to develop and gives the wine a fuller body. Maturation occurs for at least four months in the cellar giving time for compounds to settle and for allowing wine to become stable.

Tasting Characteristics: The wine gives a bright ruby color in the glass with purple hues. It carries cool aromas of red fruit, in particular strawberry in a more jammy form, as well as blackcurrant and raspberry. The wine has with age given light animal hints of bacon and leather, graphite and hints of liquorice which compliment the fruit aromas well. The wine is medium bodied, as cool as the general intensity on the nose. The tannins and acidity are well balanced and the long lasting fruity aftertaste of cherry lingers for quite a while.

Harmony: You can enjoy this wine on its own as an aperitif, or pair it with pasta with light red sauces, salmon burger, grilled red meat or a juicy moussaka. It is best served at 15 degrees!


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