F, Foivos Papastratis

A modern and youthful wine with intense aromas of grapes, white flowers, and citrus fruit!


Verfügbarkeit: 12 vorrätig

Variety Composition: Assyrtiko, Muscat

Region / Location / Vineyard: From the historical vineyards of Evia, an unusual blend by a young man who spent all his childhood and teenage summers in the vineyards.

Tasting Characteristics: The wine possesses Assyrtico, a grape both serious and modest, and a Muscat which is elegantly aromatic. Together, they produce a blend all which is fresh, aromatic, and crispy, which even excites those who are not crazy about aromatic wines. The wine is made with screw cap to retain freshness, but also for the convenience to be drunk at any moment. The wine carries intense aromas of grapes, white flowers, and citrus fruit. On the palate, the wine is bolder than expected. It is full bodied with integrated alcohol. The acidity keeps it fresh and alive in your mouth. The muscat flavours linger long in the mouth after. It is vinified with care and joy by a special oenological team headed by Kiki Akrioti and Spyros Zoumboulis.

Harmony: F by Foivos Papastratis is a young wine for young people. It is a modern and youthful wine. It can accompany food but can also be drunk as an aperitif.


Assirtiko, Muscat










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