Akriotou Orivatis Savvatiano Old Vines

A strong and lively wine with summer aromas and with a superb length and balance.


Verfügbarkeit: 6 vorrätig

Variety Composition: Savvatiano 100%.

Region / Location / Vineyard:. The wine comes from the Plataea viticulture zone in Central Greece. It is made from vines in an old vineyard (40 to 60 years old) and is situated at an altitude of 280-380m. The vines produce significantly less berries, yet ones with more intensity and higher sugar quality.

Vinification Method: The grapes are destemmed, and remain on skin contact under controlled conditions for a short period of time. Temperature during alcoholic fermentation is gradually increased, and the maintenance of wine „sur lies“ is done for two months with regular stirring.

Tasting Characteristics: The wine possesses a brilliant light color with greenish tints. It is strong and lively on the nose, with aromas of rose petal, summer flowers and sweet spices, as well as melon, litchi with a note of honeysuckle. It is round and mellow on the palate, oily and high in alcohol yet balanced and with plenty of finesse. The wine is all together well structured and richly textured with superb length and balance.

Harmony: The wine is excellently married with green salads, baked vegetables, pasta, low fat fishes and a wide variety of Greek sea food „Meze“. The wine is best served at 11 degrees!












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